Maximum Opening:

  • 955 mm

Maximum Splitting Pressure at 250 bar:

  • 45 t

Deadweight without accessories:

  • 880 kg

Carrier Vehicle:

  • Excavator

Oil Quantity Minimum:

  • 100 ltr/min

R 900 Root Wood Harvester

The root harvester is the first link in the root wood treatment harvesting chain.  It separates the roots from the stem and then takes only the usable, clean root wood out of the soil.

After this, it is pre-fragmentised for further treatment.  Earth, stones and other foreign bodies which can cause defects or increased wear in further treatment processes are therefore removed.

The JENZ root wood harvester is an add-on unit for excavators above approximately 20 tonnes service weight.  The device works using only one cylinder and only a few moving parts.  The knife blade is made of highly wear resistant Hardox.  An additional ripping hook is fixed above the blade.

A tree's rootstock is held firmly in the soil by its roots.  The root wood harvester is based on the idea that only the stock itself is of interest.  To harvest, the roots are separated from the stock before it is taken out of the soil and further processed.  The remaining hole is minimal and is then levelled over directly by the root wood harvester.  This means that the soil is treated considerably better than by drag-raking.

Download Brochure

Download Brochure

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