Terra Select

Terra Select

Westcon Equipment are the UK distributors of the Terra Select range of screeners and windsifters.  Terra Select offer a range of 6 trommel screeners, powered by diesel or electric motors. They also offer two star screeners and a range of windsifter options as stand alone units or mounted onto discharge belts of the screeners.  

Terra Select GmbH & Co. KG, was founded in Germany during the years 2003/2004.  Much of the design expertise comes the Farwick brothers who acquired the know-how in the production of trommel screening machines from childhood when their father built the first mobile drum-type screening machines in 1975. 

Terra Select work hard to ensure their machines are technically superior to the competitors.  This could be by using galvanised components to ensure longer component life or it could be by maximising dimensions to ensure the greatest possible screening area and thus raising capacity.

As a very flexible medium-sized company, it is their aim to offer the best solution to every customer.

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