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Jenz Mobile Wood Shredders AZ 965 D(XL) Titan

AZ 965 D(XL) Titan

The heaviest and most powerful biomass processors are the XL Titan (semi-trailer) and Titan models and are also available as centre-axle trailers.

The machine is intended for the processing of particularly large amounts of green waste, small timber, trunk wood with diameters up to 600 mm, bark, bio-waste, scrap wood and household waste.

A standard component of the machine is the powerful CAT engine (C18), 571 kW (776 hp).

Optimum use of the high driving power achievable due to the 4 m long (Titan) or 6 m long (XL Titan) conveyor intake means a continuous flow of material is guaranteed and is easy to load due to ythe high capacity of the conveyor intake and subsequently the machine is subjected to permanently high loads for extremely high throughput rates.

Throughput rates of up to 350 m3/hr are possible, depending on the material being processed. more

Jenz Mobile Wood Shredders BA 725 D(XL)

BA 725 D(XL)

Nowadays, wood-based biomass is not only used for composting purposes in composting sites, but also for the recovery of bioenergy.  The new BA 725 is intended to be used for the processing of grass/foliage cuttings, bio-waste, trunk wood with diameters up to 45 cm (approximate), pre-crushed roots, bark, scrap wood and round bales from SRC harvesting. The processed material improves the efficiency of the biogas plants.

The machine has been fitted with the "Easygreen" controller.  In addition to the well known machine monitoring function, this controller also provides the operator with service and economic data.  The controller is also fitted with the new energy saving JES (JENZ Energy Saver) function as standard.  This enables the operator to run the complete unit down to tickover at the push of a button if there is a brief interruption in work, and to run it back up to operating speed just as quickly.  The function is supplemented by the Vario-Flex controller fitted as standard.  The operator optimises motor management by selecting the optimum rotational speed in the motor "green loading range" to match the material being processed.  The result is that fuel consumption as low as 0.3 litres per cubic meter can be achieved.

The BA 725 is fitted with twin gears - dual belt drive unit for adjusting the speed of the rotor (speed range:  400 - 1000 rpm).

Owing to the large number of possible applications, there is a whole list of additional extras available for the BA 725, which can alter the total weight significantly.  A flexible chassis is therefore of much importance.  A choice can be made between the following:  double-axle rigid drawbar trailer, triple-axle rigid drawbar trailer, full trailer with swan neck or, for the XL design, full trailer with a 6 metre long conveyor intake. more

Jenz Mobile Wood Shredders BA 915D

BA 915D


  • Composting (garden cutting, organic waste)


  • Discharge conveyor can be swivelled to the side for considerably easier maintenance access
  • Long, lowered infeed hopper for easier feeding
  • Aggressive upper draw-in roller 
  • High throughput due to large screen area more

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